We take great pride in the technology we use and invest our time in. Here are some of the major technologies we've used to create this project:

Apple iOS
Mobile Platform Development
Modern iOS Development
Adobe Illustrator
Vector Graphics
Mobile Database Engine
Google Analytics
Website Statistics


For this project we developed a new logo, new splash art for the launch image and various UI elements to help match the theme of the current UPC Database website.


The focus of UPC Database was to feature the data. Keeping the look and feel simple, yet making sure usability was very important, to allow users to quickly search for and add items to the database.


The UPC Database app was completely written in Swift for our client, per their request, and we absolutely loved doing it for them. Swift is a great new language for creating iOS Applications and we look forward to using it on many more projects in the future!

iAd Framework

As we have done in our previous apps, and request by our client, this app features a custom implementation of the apple iAd framework to generate advertising revenue.

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