We take great pride in the technology we use and invest our time in. Here are some of the major technologies we've used to create this project:

Google Analytics
Website Statistics
Content Management
Modern Web Development
Modern Style Sheet Language
Modern Mobile-First Design
Pre-Processor CSS Extensions
DOM Manipulation
Database Engine
Server-Side Development
The Design of a site like SBSTL is very important. The site is very informational; the purpose is to provide education to its users. A site like this always looks best with clean open spaces, colors that are easy on the eye and good typography.

The first step of our design was to modernize the previous SBSTL website. Migrating content into a new responsive theme build upon a Concrete5 CMS Engine, giving all users within the organization the ability to edit the website, rather than just a single web developer. We followed the migration process with restructuring information and conveying the important information to the website visitor.

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