We take great pride in the technology we use and invest our time in. Here are some of the major technologies we've used to create this project:

Apple iOS
Mobile Platform Development
Mobile Database Engine
Adobe Illustrator
Vector Graphics
Adobe Photoshop
Raster Graphics
Google Analytics
Website Statistics

Graphical Elements

Like with any game, the visual art elements are the most important part, next to game play. Our skills artist hand crafted dozen of visual elements that help build the theme, style and design of our game.

Vector Graphics

Each graphic in our game is first created as a vector, meaning we can scale the image to as large or as small as we want without the loss of quality. This is very important with the variety of different screen sizes now on the market.

UX/UI Design

The Design of Penguin Bash has always been about being a simple game. Consumers of this type of product want something they can start playing without many roadblocks. The simple UI created for starting a game and bashing Penguins was design to increase replay value.

Unique Assets

Penguin Bash has unique assets created by our team, ranging from Graphics, Sounds and Music. Together it adds up to a fun interactive game that we can continue to grow and learn from as our company grows.


Our game is free to play, however we do display ads sometimes within our app. We're using the iAd Framework provided by Apple, but our implementation is customized so that the ads don't appear at annoying times!


The game will continue to evolve over time, with the expectation that when we need to learn new graphics frameworks in SpriteKit, GameKit or something new, Penguin Bash can be the first to utilize a new technique or some new code we would like to try.

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