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We expertly architect and design high quality, innovative apps; that create amazing user experiences.


We use modern web development technologies to build responsive web apps that help users perform tasks quickly.


We engineer native desktop apps, that create unique integrations that users can depend upon.


We have a design-first focus when it comes to making apps. We love creating high quality experiences.


We love helping others get a better understanding of all the available options.


We create high quality deployments, using tests and technology that reduces downtime and risk.

Our Passion.

Building powerful apps is what we love to do. We formed Vigilante Studios with this single goal in mind: Make the world a better place using technology.


A users experience with an app should be simple, and help them achieve their goal quickly.


Code should be tested to prevent unexpected events from happening to users.


Learn from users. Nothing is 100% perfect. Use tools to continue to perfect and optimize.


Ensure tools and support mechanisms are created, so that problems are quickly fixed.

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Here you will find technology posts, information about our company and glances into projects we're working on, or have completed.